Success in the time of Covid/Post-Covid

Success in the time of Covid/Post-Covid

It is known that issues of mental health and emotions have played a key role during our life throughout quarantine. The intensities of depression and anxiety symptoms have increased in the last year. We are going to propose to you the solutions to your problems and what you can do in order to keep moving forward whilst still reaching your goals, despite the pandemic we are facing, you can do it anyway!

Here are some tips:

You are the change

You have the power as a human being to make the changes you want for your own life, you can create your own opportunities, they are always there. You are responsible for your life. Do not wait for the government or your partner, etc. to make those changes for you, nor make them accountable for your own problems.


The form of exercise you choose must be something that you enjoy, such as dance, martial arts, yoga, etc. Physical balance is going to help you relax your mind and your emotions.

Sleep and Rest

It is important that you sleep well, it is never a waste of time. A good rest is going to improve your work and your life.

Have Sex

If you have a partner or a lover during the pandemic, practicing sexual intercourse has many benefits, such as:

To relief tension
To improve your mood and your partners
It can be a good workout
It is going to help you relax

For stress add glutamine to your diet, it is an amino acid to relax and relieve the brain from stress because it works with the Gaba neurotransmissions, aiding your recovery process.

In we approach, for e.g. anxiety disorders, working from within your own subconscious mind through meditation or hypnosis, helping you to understand yourself and to feel better in an important way, with results in the first sessions. You can rewrite your destiny. In other psychology approaches, especially in the traditional ways, you are attached, determined or defined by your early years and there is nothing you can do about it – this a mistake, it is not true! You can work through your issues and leave the pain behind, living the life you want to live.

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